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Taylor Memorial Arboretum

Located in Nether Providence Township in Delaware County, PA, Taylor Memorial Arboretum is a 30 acre reserve of plantings and natural lands dedicated by J. C. Taylor to the memory of his wife, Anne Rulon Gray, and intended to promote the "health, enjoyment and education of the public in perpetuity".

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The arboretum is open to the public year round without charge for the appreciation of its natural beauty.

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News Update March 2014

Vernal Pond

(Larger image here)

The calendar has turned to spring and the Arboretum is starting to green up. The winter birds have left for their breeding grounds. The resident birds like the robins and crows are pairing up. Every few days you can see different birds like warblers and cedar waxwings that are either moving thru on their migration or arriving to breed here.

Also breeding here are wood frogs, peepers and toads. If you approach the vernal pond quietly you will certainly hear their love songs. You can hear them in the videos linked on this page.

The pond is managed to support the life cycles of these amphibians. All across the globe, amphibians are experiencing population declines. The species here are not endangered but their presence does indicates a healthy wetland environment.

We are moving on with the end of winter/early spring projects. The meadows have been cut. Some invasive plants such as brambles and honeysuckle have been thinned. Live stakes have been collected from the shrub dogwoods and other plants that can be propagated by this method. About 50 stakes were donated to the Heinz Preserve in Tinicum to help with wetland restoration projects there. In the container nursery we are potting up smaller stakes that will be ready to distribute in the fall.

The Master Gardeners have filled up the greenhouse with seedlings. The early vegetables will be distributed in mid-April at their community garden in Chester. To learn more about this program follow this link.

It is going to be a busy spring season. We hope many of you will be able to make several visits here.

Tom Kirk
Arboretum Manager