Arboretum Update, November 27th 2018


“Fall”ing Our Way Towards Winter

This autumn season, the leaves held onto their summertime colors later than usual. Even though fall’s burst of oranges and reds were delayed, peak season was quite a beautiful site at the Arboretum and the trees are still showing some pretty color.

Fall took a quick turn mid-November with the first snowfall of the season on November 15th. While the four inches of snow has melted, the brisk chill seems to have stayed put.

Winter at the Arboretum

With the fall nearing its end and winter right around the corner, now’s the best time to perform work on our trees.

Did you know that once the trees go dormant, they experience less stress from pruning? Not only is it better for the trees, it’s easier for our workers to see the branches. A win-win thanks to Mother Nature.

During this winter, the Arboretum has a higher work load scheduled for the trees than usual since some tree removals must be done. Even though it is never pleasant to remove a tree, it is necessary to maintain the overall health of the Arboretum and ensure the safety of its visitors.

Student Happenings

With academic semesters coming to an end, the Arboretum is quieter than usual. Schools that use the Arboretum are just about finished with their field work and we just recently completed the final Widener University Extended Learning class.

During the fall semester, more than 370 student hours were spent volunteering and researching at the Arboretum. The excitement and energy that students bring to the property is a pleasure and we look forward to welcoming them back again soon.

Bird Sightings

Many local bird watches have visited and recommended the arboretum as a great place for watching wildlife. If you would like to see some of the recent bird sightings, check out the Taylor Arboretum on eBird.