Spring is Here at Taylor Arboretum

Spring brings the most varied appearance of plants during the year. Flowering trees, growing grasses and budding foliage will soon be joined by garden and wild flowers, ferns, azaleas and rhododendrons. The trees reach a fascinating point where they reveal their branch structure and the eventual shape of their crown simultaneously.

Winter Beauty at Taylor Arboretum

Winter is the best time to perform work on our trees.

Did you know that once the trees go dormant, they experience less stress from pruning? Not only is it better for the trees, it’s easier for our workers to see the branches. A win-win thanks to Mother Nature.

During this winter, the Arboretum has a higher work load scheduled for the trees than usual since some tree removals must be done. Even though it is never pleasant to remove a tree, it is necessary to maintain the overall health of the Arboretum and ensure the safety of its visitors.