The Arboretum Report April 16th 2015

The Magnolias are starting to bloom. This is the latest in the spring that I have seen this happen. We are lucky that the weather stayed consistently cold and the flower buds did not get damaged. For the next six weeks or so many of the plants will be putting on their best show of color. We will be planting our front display beds and this year we are going to get some nice mulch. Previously we used compost as a top dress which works but does not really keep weeds down. The premium quality mulch will lessen the time we need weed the beds.

The frog pond is doing well. Last Saturday the Wood Frog eggs hatched. There are now thousands of little tadpoles swimming around. The American Toads are trilling away and are laying their eggs. The Spring Peepers are busy too. We had to add water from the creek as the last couple of weeks while damp have not been wet. We will continue to manage the water level until the tadpoles mature and leave the pond.

This is our busiest time of year. Everyday visitors will increase as will groups. Widener University students will be studying on the grounds. Usually we have a few Prom groups meet here to take pictures. There is no charge for this but the visit needs to be scheduled beforehand. Tomorrow we have a preschool group coming to take a bird watching tour.  It is always fun to share the arboretum experience with new comers

Tom Kirk

Arboretum Manager