The Arboretum Report Feb. 18th 2015

Two days ago we had our first significant snowfall of the winter. About 4 inches accumulated. It had been bitterly cold for several days beforehand so the snow is very light and dry. There is a special treat of beauty at the Arboretum after some snow storms. When the plants are draped in a coating of fresh snow the feeling is indescribable. It is a “WOW” moment.  Check out the new photo although it does not do the justice to the sight.

Greenhouse production has started again. Two weeks ago the Master Gardeners of Delaware County planted about 3000 cool season vegetable seeds. Plants such as lettuce, collards cauliflower and kale among others. Some seeds have already sprouted. In mid-April when these plants are ready to go into the vegetable garden they will be available to the public for a token donation. This event will be held at the Community Garden at Sixth and Morton in Chester.

Our 30 year old Toyota Ultra Lux Pickup Truck is returning from repair work at Crilly’s Care Cures in Parkside. The work involved the clutch, alternator, suspension and universal joint. These repairs are a big relief as the Toyota is the ideal yard truck for here. Thanks to Mike, Kim and The Crilly’s crew it is back in action.

Next on the agenda is getting out a new brochure. I am working with Craig Burlew of Great Fish Publications and Editor Debby Nonn on an updated version. We have it just about wrapped up and should have it available shortly.


Tom Kirk

Arboretum Manager.