The Arboretum Report Jan. 27th 2016

Well we weathered Winter’s wallop well. We received about 16 inches of snow from Friday night into Saturday night. The snow was relatively light and fluffy. There was no mixing with rain that makes the snow heavier. Likewise, there was not a lot of ice buildup. It was rather windy and that kept the snow from building up on the trees and utility lines. The warmer temperatures the last two days cleared most of the storm from driving surfaces. This post’s picture is of the clear parking lot. After many storms the lot can be icy for weeks.

     The greenhouse is starting to spring to life. We have started small amounts of Radishes, Spinach and Lettuce. They are up and in about a month or so we will have some samples. The lettuce and spinach we will pot up into 4 inch pots. If you have a sunny window these usually fit nicely on the sill. Pick the leaves a few at a time to make a small salad or dress up a sandwich.

    Prior to the storm we had some cold and dry weather. This was ideal for cleaning up downed trees from the summer storms. Firewood Bob sawed up and took away most of the big ash trees that were still laying on the ground. This will make it easier to restore and maintain these areas. Rotting trees are a valuable part of the ecosystem and we leave plenty of downfall and standing dead where it is practical. If a downed tree is laying in a patch heavy in invasives, the undesirable plants will take over.

     Looks like the next several days are going to be on the warmer side. If it stays dry, we may be able to get some pruning and thinning done in a week or so. It will be a few days before the snow melts. Right now it is very slippery and will be for a while. So all and all with as powerful as the storm was it could have been much worse.


Tom Kirk

Arboretum Manager