The Arboretum Report July 12th 2015

Ouch, Wow, Bash Bam Boom! That’s what it felt like when the storm of June 23rd moved quickly thru around supper time. This report’s picture was taken from our deck about 15 minutes before the storm. The tree damage is significant. When the tree surgeon saw the large ash hanging over the fence and held up by the large sycamore he was startled. He said is was one of the worst situations he had seen from this storm. Needless to say this is very painful for us at the Arboretum. It will take a lot of work and patience to get the grounds back in order. Remember it could have been worse and respect the caution tape if you encounter it.

It was quite an experience to be without electricity for two days. Most of our daily chores and pleasures are altered or even impossible. You can’t run the compressor to clean the chainsaw or turn on the stereo to listen to music. I did find out I can cook some pretty good chicken on the grill as long as the pieces are wrapped in tinfoil. Ironically a few hours before the storm Pam Medina of Rose Valley presented to me a check to purchase a backup generator for the Arb. Next time we lose power we will be prepared. Thanks Again Pam!

On a much more pleasant tone, soon to be Eagle Scout Alex Menezes and crew are working on his project here. Yesterday they restored the old footbridge over the mill race. It looks great and is safe now. Today they are putting up a new Rhododendron Walk sign and putting down some woodchips to smooth out the path to the bridge. The team works quickly and safely. They also enjoy the job and their co-workers. If we can all do this we are better for it.


Tom Kirk

Arboretum Manager