The Arboretum Report June 18th 2015

Jean is doing a fantastic job on the front gardens this year. The mix of greenhouse grown seedling flowers, vegetables and established perennials is really coming together in a unique way. Now that planting and mulching is completed, the work of maintaining the beds begins. It takes at least ten hours a week to keep the plants watered, weeded and pruned. We are grateful for the help we get from Jean’s lifelong friend Bonnie and the school girls Angela, Amy and Rosie so that everything looks so nice.

The three days after Memorial Day we also had volunteers from the Strath Haven High Senior Class. This program administered by the Unity Center of Media has been ongoing here for the last 12 years. This year about 12 students each day weeded, planted and mulched. They also spread woodchips and pruned back some shrubs. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately another one of our large White Ash trees went into decline. It was a two leader tree and the lead over the everyday use path was dying and dropping large pieces of wood. The decision was made to remove the tree. Knight Brothers Tree Service came and expertly took the tree down. They also took down a large Black Cherry that was so hollow at the base it was dangerously unstable. It is very sad when we have to remove plants from our collection. We do have plenty of wood to make firewood. Let us know if you need any.

Tom Kirk

Arboretum Manager