The Arboretum Report March 29, 2016

000-610x458     Anyone need some apple wood to flavor up the grill? Take a look at this post’s photo and you will see the last of the originally planted Crabapple trees down. A front moved thru with winds up to 50 mph. The old tree was heavily laden with flower buds. The tree snapped at the base of the trunk. This was the last of five Crabapples that were a display grove planted in the 50’s. Several years ago in the same area we planted five fruiting apples. They are not doing as well as hoped but we should get a few eating apples this fall.

     The flowering trees have started their peak season. The Magnolias survived a late frost scare and are putting on a great show. The large Yoshino Cherry opened up this morning. These flowers should be good for the next 10 days or so. In the woods the Lindera Spicebush’s yellowish, greenish blooms are finishing up and the leaves coming out. Everyday this time of year you can be surprised by the changing beauty.

     Both the Greenhouse and Pond projects are doing well. The Master Gardeners have moved the cold crops to other greenhouses and the warm season vegetable and flowers have sprouted. Jean’s plants for the Arboretum are doing well. In the pond the Wood Frog eggs have hatched. Plenty of Toad egg strings to be seen. Looks like the tadpole population should be good.

     Of course the grass is going to need to be cut soon. The invasive plant Garlic Mustard will be starting to grow and the weedwacker will be there to discourage it. The gardens need to be planted. Let the fun begin.

Tom Kirk
Arboretum Manager