What’s Happeing? Dec 10th 2014

“Wow! What are those things under the cypress trees?” This is one of the most asked questions here. Take a look at the current picture to see what I am writing about. These growths are called the tree’s knees. They are normal for the Bald Cypress and generally a sign that the trees are doing well. It is thought that the knees improve stability during storms and also serve as water storage space during droughts.

Presently we are getting a good soaking rain. Not too heavy but several inches over a week. If it becomes a severe winter the plants will be better protected by being well hydrated. The spring, summer and fall seasons were all fairly mild. Wet but no flooding. There was no real heat wave. Most of the plants had a pretty good year.

The main two winter projects we are hoping to get accomplished are some more tree work and repairs on the yard truck. We are planning to have Knight Bros. Tree Service in for a day of work in January. They will be removing a large dead hemlock and a good sized dead white pine. They will also do some restorative pruning and removal of some invasive plants.

We are putting the truck into Crilly’s Car Cures in Parkside for a new clutch and alternator. The 1985 Toyota Ultra Lux Pickup is just the right truck for this place as far as size and strength. We took it off the road years ago so it only has about 75,000 miles on it. With this work and some more on the suspension this old Yota will be running for years.


Tom Kirk

Arboretum Manager