What’s Happening Jan 12th 2015



Wellll ittt isssss Winter. We just had our first deep freeze. Several days with high temperatures in the twenties and at night time as low as eight degrees. Ridley Creek froze from bank to bank in a few places where the flow is a bit slower. It looks like the next ten days should be a little warmer and drier. Maybe we will be able to get some tree work done.

We had a light snowfall last week. It is neat to see all the animal tracks in the snow. Foxes, raccoons and squirrels are still active. Plenty of birds around too. The robins have flocked up and can number over 100 birds. In the meadows are mixed flocks of sparrows. The load noise makers are the titmice and wrens. The wooded areas host at least three types of woodpeckers. It looks like we have a winter resident northern shrike. From the parking lot if you see a robin sized black and white bird in the trees along the fence acting aggressively that is the shrike.

Overall the populations of the animals living here seems pretty good. The deer are not causing too much damage. The common birds are numerous and a good mix of more unusual birds can sometimes be seen. The presence of several predator birds also indicates that the environment is properly functioning.

Thanks to the Staff. Volunteers and Friends of The Arboretum for helping this to happen.

Tom Kirk

Arboretum Manager