What’s Happening Jan 21st 2015

Last week we had a tree crew in for a day. Knight Brothers Tree Service ( www.knightbrosinc.com ) sent a five man team to take care of some trees that needed attention. They took down a 60 foot Hemlock that was standing dead. Check out the latest photo of Tony the Climber at the top. They also removed a good sized White Pine that was also dead. The Giant Dogwood trunk that split last summer was carefully removed as some new growth is starting from the base. They also carefully took some weight off a damaged lead of our large Yoshino Cherry. In addition some invasive suckers of Golden Rain Tree were removed from beneath the hemlock. It was a very effective work day by an experienced and efficient crew. Thanks Guys!

The Giant Dogwood before it split was the largest of its species in the state. A volunteer group sponsored by the Pa. Forestry Dept. measures the height, spread and the circumference of the trunk at breast height of as many large trees as they can find. They plug the numbers into a formula that gives a score. The higher the score the larger the tree. Here is the link to their website www.pabigtees.com. Presently we have one tree still scored the highest in the state. Juniperus rigida, the Needle Juniper is located right next to the Giant Dogwood.

So far the winter weather has not been bad. No severe storms here but it has been cold and icy at times. It has been wet enough that the vernal pond is presently almost full. If we continue to get average precipitation there should be enough water for the wood frogs to lay their eggs when the end of winter nears. It will be a nice break from the last two stormy winters if we have an easier one this year.

Tom Kirk

Arboretum Manager