What’s Happening – May 15, 2014

This has been the wettest spring in memory here at the arboretum. The vernal pond has been filled to the brim almost constantly. Last year we were pumping from the creek up to ten hours a week to keep pond wet enough for the tadpoles to mature. These are the young of wood frogs, spring peepers and American toads. About the beginning of June they will lose their gills and breathe air. Then they will leave the pond to live in the woods and meadows. The ones that survive will return to the pond late next winter to lay their eggs.

Presently the azaleas near the parking area are beautiful. Great photo opportunities! Earlier this month we had two prom groups in to take pictures. It is always interesting moving the limos around and waiting for the guests that get lost. There is no charge for groups to use the grounds for pictures. We do request that they contact us to schedule the event.

I  want to thank the volunteers that came out May 3rd for the stream cleanup sponsored by the Chester Ridley Crum Watershed Association. This is always a fun event. The most unusual find this year was a small collection of German coins from the 1930’s. The water was too high to actually walk the creek but we still collected a couple of hundred of pounds of trash from the stream bank. For more information on the CRC check out their website www.crcwatersheds.org.
Enjoy the Flowers,
Tom Kirk
Arboretum Manager