What’s Happening Sept. 25th 2014

As the seasons change we see different animals in the Arboretum. In the last week we have seen flocks of mixed blackbirds moving south, Nashville Warblers stopping by and young foxes trying to figure out how to survive on their own. There have also been a few monarch butterflies seen heading to Cape May. It is a great time to look for birds in the meadows as the flowering plants are still attracting pollinators. The birds eat some of the bugs to fuel the flight south.

There was a day of tree work accomplished by a crew from Knight Brothers Tree Experts. One large Red Maple that was an early planting was removed. It had become hazardous. On a positive side of the day, the large Red Oak and Basswood at the base of the main trail received well needed pruning. Several other trees also were pruned for their benefit and to address safety issues.

This season we have donated over 50 plants grown in our nursery to local organizations. The Heinz Wildlife Refuge and the Friends of Glen Providence Park planted shrub dogwoods, willows and buttonbush from here in their restoration projects. Next week members of the Chester/Ridley/Crum Watershed Assoc. will be picking up 25 plants to help improve Chester Creek at Cheney University. It feels is good to help out other groups in attempts to improve the environment.

In the next several weeks every day you will be able to see different leaf colors on display. Please visit and bring your camera. Feel free to send to us a picture.


Tom Kirk

Arboretum Manager